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Ultraviolet (neon, UV light) make-up is rightfully called the brightest color for lovers of nightclubs, clockwork discos, go-go, shows, parties, concerts, performances, photo shoots and photo projectors.

This is a catchy embodiment of non-standard ideas of visage and body painting with the help of special luminous cosmetics, which contain neon pigment. The best manufacturers of cosmetics have already presented lines of neon shadows, body-painting paints, pigments, lipsticks and eyeliners.

Fluorescent body paints are intended for temporary tattooing, tattooing and coloring curls. The material in the dark (or when exposed to ultraviolet radiation) makes images three-dimensional and colorful. The composition of the paint contains light-accumulating and reflective pigments, lanolin, glycerin, etc. The materials are produced in a creamy composition and in different shades, which can effectively complement the classic artistic body coloring.

Varieties of neon face paint

Fluorescent paints are produced in various variations, including pencils for applying images to the body. The composition can last up to 3 days. Special transparent liquid fixatives will help to fix the image for up to 7 days. Luminous compositions are also produced in the form of markers, felt-tip pens for tattooing. The tool is easy to use, presented in a range of bright neon shades. Validity period – up to 3 days.

Coloring materials containing glitters in the form of powder with interspersed color create a three-dimensional effect. It is necessary to apply materials over body paints. The work is performed before the composition dries, so that the elements are kept on the body.

The peculiarity of the materials is the ability to cleanse the skin quickly. The formulations are kept on the body before showering. Glowing paint can be washed off with warm water and soapy water. Optimal are specially developed means for removing makeup in the form of milk, a cleansing fat cream that does not damage the skin, etc. It is recommended to wash off paints with solid particles (glitter) using scrubbing agents, soap and warm water.

How to use neon face paint set?

Fluorescent paint allows you to create bright lines or highlight elements of the design that will be visible both in daylight and in the dark.

Compositions that can glow under ultraviolet radiation are used to create spectacular images for parties, discos, colorful shows, etc. Fans of sports teams can also apply symbols on their faces. Actors use fluorescent formulations to complement professional makeup.

Drawings on the body are used to play fairy-tale characters at children’s parties and attractions, as well as at stylized parties or masquerades. For children, a special composition of glycerin, lanolin and fluorescent pigments mixed with water is used.

Glowing paint can be applied to curls as well. Strand dyeing has become a popular color trend, the founder of which is the American stylist Guy Tang. Pastel or bright shades are used to create images. In ultraviolet rays, the material begins to glow, giving mystery and mystery to the appearance. However, the cream paint is short-lived, because it lasts from 3 days to 3 weeks on the hair.

How to apply and rinse off neon face paint?

The application of paint with luminous particles is performed on the surface of the body with a brush, hands, sponge, and swab. Spraying of material from a spray is possible.

Before applying the glowing paint, the skin must be cleaned and moistened with special compounds.

To enhance the brightness of the glow, you must first apply a light tone – white or pastel. Experts recommend applying several layers of dye. The composition, after drying, forms a radiant film on the skin.

You can paint yourself or use stencils to create graphic lines. When making complex drawings, it is recommended to carefully draw the outline of the planned image.

Glowing paints allow you to combine contrasting colors or create smooth watercolor transitions on the body, as well as create feathers. Clear lines for theatrical or costume performances look original.

Neon face paint set features

If you decide to create a make-up using ultraviolet cosmetics, you should first familiarize yourself and take into account a number of features of working with them.

Shadows and watercolors with neon are much more difficult to blend, and be prepared for the fact that the first time you will hardly be able to apply colors to the skin evenly and clearly. Arm yourself with patience and quality brushes, preferably with synthetic bristles. For convenience, it is better to use pointillism paint application technology (spot paint application).

Remember that ultraviolet light will immediately give away any mistakes made by the makeup artist. For example, due to the luminous elements, when spraying the shadows, you will immediately notice the places where the hand trembled, and the paint spilled onto the cheeks, nose or lower eyelid. Before starting a new photo shoot, check for blemishes with a neon lamp.

Part of the make-up can be done on conventional cosmetics. For example, you can use simple makeup shadows, as well as colored or black pencils as a base for UV shadows.

Purchase Precautions

If you are going to buy neon face paint online, make sure that you are offered an original product and not a fake. Original products that have been tested are safe for humans. However, cheap fakes can contain allergens.

 Before you buy neon face paint online, ask the seller to provide you with quality certificates confirming product safety. Pay attention to whether the product meets the FDA requirements, as well as whether it is recommended for children (if you are going to paint children’s faces).

Even if everything is in order with the documents, test the paint before use. Test the effects on the skin before applying it to your face. Apply the paint to a small area of ​​the skin on your hand and make sure there is no allergic reaction. It is advisable to carry out the test 24 hours before the start of the procedure, since the body’s reaction may not appear for several hours.

If reactions in the form of redness and itching do not follow, it is allowed to start applying the material and creating a pattern. Dyes are allowed to be used on the face, but if the substance gets into the mouth or eyes, rinse them thoroughly with water.

Neon face paint near me
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