How to choose the best setting spray for face paint?


You can find a professional setting spray for face paint in the make-up section. Their main task is to fix the makeup for a long time (up to 12, and sometimes up to 16 hours), but there are additional functions, taking into account which you can choose the best option for yourself.

How does face paint setting spray work?

Retainers protect the pattern applied to the face from external factors, such as rain or sleet. Thanks to the formula of the products (they contain an acrylic copolymer), an invisible film is created on the skin, which acts as a barrier and prevents moisture penetration. In this case, the retainer is applied to the entire face at a distance of about 30 cm.

Make-up fixing spray stabilizes the surface temperature of the skin and prevents make-up flow. They can also act as a base, especially if you have oily skin.

A make-up spray can help hide excess paint on your face if you apply it after makeup. It also perfectly mattifies, especially if you have combination or oily skin, and shine appears in the T-zone. In this case, choose a fixative marked with Matte and apply it after makeup. There is an easier way out of the situation – fixing powder (for example, Mineral Finishing Powder from NYX Professional Makeup).

Some fixatives give the skin extra radiance without a greasy shine (look for extracts of lotus, algae and oats). When doing this, avoid parabens in the composition.

What does setting spray for face paint contain?

Some fixative sprays can be used to moisturize and prepare the skin for make-up (they include aloe vera, polyol, nasturtium, grapefruit, cucumber, chamomile, green tea extracts).

There are sprays that tone the skin and tighten pores. They usually contain grapes, rose, lemon balm and orange blossom. In addition, they often contain essential oils (rosemary, geranium), which perfectly matte the skin. Such funds function as a tonic, and their fixation is not so strong. Apply them before using the cream at any time of the day to refresh your face. For extra moisture, this fixative can be applied after each makeup step.

Soothing and softening sprays for irritated or sensitive skin, such as thermal water, are also suitable for fixing makeup. However, it is better to spray them at arm’s length so that small drops do not remain on the face.

Top-6 of the best setting spray for face paint

Thanks to these tools, the paint from your face will not float, and an oily shine will not appear on the face itself. The pattern applied to the face will remain in place in heat and rain throughout the day.

Fixer for makeup Mist & Fix Setting Spray, Make Up For Ever

It would seem much cooler and better, but it turned out that there is much – the cult product – make-up fixer from Make Up For Ever has changed the formula, but alcohol was never added there, do not worry. The Mist & Fix Setting Spray now hydrates the skin 23% better than its predecessor hydrates, and fixes makeup (even glitter and rhinestones!) For 12 hours. In addition, a small travel version of this spray has appeared on sale – only 30 ml, this is especially important during the holidays.

Spray for fixing makeup All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, Urban Decay

First, this spray is suitable for all skin types. Secondly, thanks to its unique patented Temperature Control technology, which stabilizes the temperature of makeup on the surface of your skin, the durability of foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, blush and lipstick increases several times. The pattern will remain intact on your face, even if it is 40-degree heat or snow and rain outside.

Fixing agent in spray Prep + Prime Fix +, M.A.C Cosmetics

This spring, the iconic Prep + Prime Fix + lineup features a cherry-scented spray, and a bottle of rose petals. The composition of the product remains the same (it is ideal anyway): it contains vitamins, minerals and a mix of extracts of chamomile, green tea and cucumber – this means that the spray not only masterfully fixes the make-up, but also refreshes, moisturizes and soothes the skin.

Fixer for makeup Fix ‘Make-Up, Clarins

In addition to the fact that Fix ‘Make-Up masterfully fixes the pattern on the face, it also moisturizes and quickly soothes the skin if it is irritated (aloe extracts and allantoin are responsible for this). Moreover, it smells deliciously like rose and grapefruit.

Spray – make-up fixer Make Up Setting Spray, NYX Professional Makeup

In the Long Lasting collection, two fixative sprays work in the same way – moisturize the skin, eliminating the feeling of tightness, and set makeup, but give a different finish. Matte Finish is suitable for those who want the skin to be matte all 24 hours, but Dewy Fresh, on the contrary, will give it a radiance.

Refreshing face paint setting spray Re-Dew Set & Refresh Spray, beauty blender

This is the only two-phase makeup fixer spray. Before using it, it is imperative to shake it up so that the components (hyaluronic acid, birch and silk extract, antioxidants and probiotics) are activated and it can moisturize, refresh, improve complexion and give matte skin a light natural glow.

How to choose the best setting spray for face paint?
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