How to choose the best setting powder for face paint?


A jar of transparent loose powder from professional makeup artist sets remains a mystery for many: not all girls know why aqua make-up artists cannot do without it. In this material – more about the useful functions of transparent face powder, about the variety of formats in which it is produced, as well as about the rules for its use.

Why is face paint setting powder applied to face paint?

It is no coincidence that this powder is colorless: the fact that it is transparent speaks of its versatility. It will come in handy for any tone and for any skin type.

First, white face powder generally does a great job of completing makeup. Under it, the paint adheres better to the face, as if under glass. This avoids smudging or spreading.

Secondly, this tool allows you to achieve a matte finish. It is especially recommended for those who are faced with the problem of oily sheen.

Thirdly, with the help of such a powder, make-up is fixed, providing it with greater durability – this is a “dry” alternative to a fixing spray.

Advantages and disadvantages of a setting powder for face paint

There are many advantages to a finishing powder, as evidenced by the fact that it is a multifunctional tool that copes with a number of problems at once.

  • 1.  Its ability to give the skin a pleasant velvety texture (and with it – dullness) is also a definite plus.
  • 2.  Additionally, it improves skin relief and fills in, for example, fine wrinkles, making them less visible.
  • 3.  It should be noted that the transparent face powder itself is very light, it does not overload the skin – there is no need to worry about the fact that the coating will be noticeable.

Three main types of face paint setting powder

Transparent powder, like usual, is produced in different formats, with different compositions, so that girls have a choice – and the opportunity to add a product to their cosmetic bag with exactly the effect that is needed most.

Transparent crumbly setting powder for face paint

This powder is usually produced in round compact jars. It is most convenient to apply with a brush, but, as a rule, it is not included in the kit.

  • – This format is most suitable for those who need a light topcoat to complete and set makeup.
  • – Loose powder – the main «character» in one of the secret techniques of makeup artists: they collect the product on a fluffy brush and powder the face after applying the picture.

A good example of such a powder is SFX Setting Powder from NYX Professional Makeup. According to reviews, this transparent face powder is just what you need as a final touch when creating a make-up. There is no doubt about the durability of the result: this powder is great for completing makeup and body art.

Transparent compact powder

  • – Compact products tend to provide a tighter coverage. True, if, when applying, you use not a sponge, but the same fluffy brush, the effect will be different.
  • – However, there are different products: De-Slick from Urban Decay, for example, does not leave a heavy layer of matte powder on the face. On the contrary, it only slightly mattifies the skin. This product is suitable for those with oily skin.

Transparent mineral powder

Like other mineral products, this powder has a number of distinctive features, which at the same time are its main advantages.

  • – Firstly, it does not contain talc, which means that it does not clog pores.
  • – Secondly, mineral scales “fit” better on the skin than ordinary powdery particles. The coating looks more natural. Moreover, it serves as a kind of sunscreen filter: UV rays are simply reflected from their surface.

Our selection of the best setting powder for face paint

These light and delicate powders will help fix the makeup applied to your face.

1. Poudre Premiere, Givenchy

Nicolas Degenne has developed the perfect make-up fixer – a versatile powder that is incredibly light and comfortable. It is almost invisible on the face, but it perfectly holds the drawing and does not allow the paint to spread.

2. Halo Hudrating Perfecting Powder, Smashbox

The smartest makeup setting powder technically advanced. The metal mesh prevents powder from spilling out of the box; the automatic dispenser accurately measures the required amount for one application (just turn the grill clockwise). The powder is applied perfectly evenly with the Kabuki brush (supplied) for a flawless finish. Moreover, it maintains a normal level of skin hydration.

3. Teint Ideal, Vichy

A compact powder that will be appreciated by the owners of problem skin. The convenient sponge allows you to apply powder wet or dry, depending on the characteristics of the paint used to create the picture.

4. Perfect Finish Power Illuminator, Dolce & Gabbana

An excellent solution for those with dry skin. The powder gives the face a healthy glow, evens out tone and reliably fixes the pattern, allowing it to remain unchanged throughout the day. It can also be used as a highlighter, applying only to certain areas: cheekbones, chin or forehead.

5. Translucent Loose Powder, Shiseido

Powder of the finest grinding envelops the face in an invisible veil. The smallest pearl particles in the composition provide reflection and diffusion of light in such a way that the skin relief is evened out, and fine wrinkles become completely invisible.

6. Skin Illusion, Clarins

Mineral loose powder based on minerals and plant extracts allows you to fix the paint on the face for a long time. The powder comes with a fluffy brush, which can be used to create a completely weightless effect.

7. Les Beiges, Chanel

The extracts of cotton and white rose flowers included in the composition soothe and protect the skin from the adverse effects of the environment. The powder protects the skin from free radicals and protects its youth. And most importantly – it perfectly fixes face painting.

How to choose the best setting powder for face paint?
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