How to choose the best metallic face paint?


Are you looking for a metallic face painting? There are many varieties of face paints on the market today. How they differ and how to choose the most suitable one – we will deal with this.

Glycerin paints

Glycerin is a liquid of plant or animal origin. Vegetable glycerin is used in face paints. It is much softer than paraffin wax and is less affected by temperature. Although, at high temperatures, it will still turn into a creamy mass.

Glycerin-based face paints are very easy to blend. Professional aqua make-up artists love this type of paint for the fact that they can be used to create an even background that does not crack, and the paint itself does not flake off the skin.

Gum based paints

Gum is a natural plant substance released by plants (usually trees) when the bark is damaged.

Paints based on this base are similar in consistency to glycerin paints. They are fairly resistant to abrasion, but unstable to heat. They can be used to create even glossy layers, which is especially important for metallic face paint.

Alcohol and castor paints

Alcohol paints are the most moisture resistant face paints. Moisture resistance is an important parameter, as the whole body of a person produces sweat, and the face is no exception. Due to its good moisture resistance, the paint does not start to spread when sweating, and the pattern on the face remains stable.

If you use alcohol or castor paints, then you practically do not have to use various fixatives (sprays, powders), with which the picture is fixed on the face. Throughout the party, you can be active without fear of ruining the drawing.

This type of paints is sold both in liquid form (that is, they are already ready for use), and in solid form (for this, they will need to be additionally activated). The only drawback that can be noted is that they are quite difficult to blend, since they dry quickly enough on the skin.

Petrolatum based paints

Petrolatum paints are based on fat. They are quite thick and have a cream-like consistency. They are usually applied with a sponge. Usually they are used for applying makeup to clowns, as well as in the theater. No water is required to activate them.

The paint applied to the face is well erased, since it is oily. Therefore, in order to fix it securely on the face, special fixing means (clamps) are required. At the same time, this paint is extremely resistant to water and sweat. That is why clowns often use it: with high activity, it does not spread over the face.

The disadvantage of this type of paint is that it is difficult to create small details with it. However, if you need metallic face paint to create a dense background, then it is fine for you.

Talcum paints

Talc is a natural mineral. Paints based on it have a very thick consistency at room temperature. In this regard, they are somewhat similar to clay. They can also be sold as dry powder. The powder is applied to the skin using an applicator.

This type of paint is quite resistant to water and sweat. Nevertheless, oddly enough, they are activated precisely with the help of water.

Acrylate paints

Acrylates are liquid polymers. This type of paint is not very common. Few companies use these polymers as a base for paints.

They are very resistant and well resistant to moisture and sweat. Since they do not contain alcohols, they are a good alternative for children. If you are looking for the best metallic face paint for kids, then these alcohol free paints will be the best choice.

How to choose the best metallic face paint?
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