How to choose face paint brush set?

If you decide to start creating drawings on the face, you obviously need brushes. Moreover, it should be understood that the process of applying paint to the face is significantly different from applying paint to paper. Therefore, regular paintbrushes will not work for you.

To create drawings on faces, a special face paint brushes set is required. These special brushes have a fundamentally different structure, radically different from the structure of brushes for painting on paper. Therefore, professional aqua make-up artists use only special brushes:

  • – First, it is convenient. With brushes, it is easy to distribute any texture so that the paint lies flat.
  • – Secondly, it is practical. Facial paint consumption is cut in half-compared to using conventional paintbrushes.
  • – Thirdly, it is hygienic. If you take proper care of your brushes, bacteria will not grow in the pile.

Face paint brushes set made of artificial lint


  • – Synthetics are very durable; do not wear out even from creamy textures and with proper care they serve for at least three years. Such brushes can be washed with any soap as often as you like, and the pile will not change its qualities. Drying, of course, must be correct: with the pile down, in a special mesh. However, this also applies to natural pile.
  • – Face paint brush with synthetic bristles is much easier to wash off corrosive color pigments: fuchsia, blue, red. Moreover, if a brush made of natural white bristles is dear to you, it is better not even to try to use it.
  • – Synthetics do not absorb dyes; therefore, it transfers to the face as much product as it “picked up” from the jar. This is especially important when working with liquid products: foundation, lipstick, eye shadow.
  • – Synthetics are different. Smooth nylon brushes that drip off paint are almost outdated. Now there is a material that is barely inferior to natural pile – taklon. Most brands use it. Taklon is inexpensive, soft and wavy, so it picks up and transfers pigment almost as effectively as natural bristles.
  • Disadvantages
  • – Natural bristles can be softened with hair conditioner, but if synthetics are of poor quality, nothing can be done with it. In addition, with that single coarse hair that makes the entire brush prickly to the touch, too. This does not mean that all artificial bristle brushes are bad; just feel them carefully before buying.
  • – Brands rarely indicate what type of pile they are using. Usually they write simply – «synthetics». Most likely, they mean taklon, but what if they decide to reduce the cost of production?
  • – Synthetics are plastic. In addition, the plastic on the planet is becoming more and more every minute. Manufacturers of the innovative (and seemingly not inferior to fur) Tafre nap add plant ingredients and say they spend less resources on it than on the manufacture of other artificial nap. However, so far there are few such brushes, so we multiply the plastic exponentially.

Face paint brush kit made of natural bristles


  • – Natural fur is a very soft material. Probably the softest you can make a brush. For sensitive skin, this is the best option, such villi will not cause discomfort even to the skin of the eyelids.
  • – According to makeup artists, natural bristles blend texture better than the most modern synthetics. It is not that the value of makeup without perfect gradients tends to zero, but it can be important for perfectionists.
  • – Simple price dependence: since the most luxurious pile is natural, then the frame for it is made appropriate. Therefore, when it is important to have not just a working, but also an aesthetic brush, look for it from manufacturers working with fur: Surratt Beauty, Shaquda, Suqqu. Each piece is a design masterpiece.


  • – If you are allergic to animals, then it is likely to be on the nap of the brushes – this is what allergists say.
  • – It is not clear what is happening to the animals. On the one hand, they are unlikely to be killed to get the fur on the tassels. On the other hand, even if you use the remains of meat and leather production, you still indirectly support the exploitation of animals. Some face paint brush kit manufacturers like Wayne Goss say they collect wool in a non-traumatic way for animals. However, the details are not disclosed.
  • – Natural pile is short-lived. Due to liquid cosmetics, it deteriorates faster, and also due to washing with water. Quick cleaning fluids can dry it out, make it brittle and overly fluffy.
  • – It is more expensive than artificial. Ponies and goats are relatively cheap, even the famous Hakuhodo brushes are not too expensive. However, specimens of blue squirrel pile with the current rate can cost more than $ 150.

How to care face paint brush

Tools require regular washing, otherwise, instead of beautiful makeup, you risk getting inflammation on the skin. Brushes should be washed with a special brush cleaner or, in a simpler way, with water and gentle soap: for creamy textures – after each use, for dry textures – once a week is enough.

In no case should you dry the brushes on a radiator or heated towel rail, as this will ruin the lint. They must dry naturally. It is best to place the tools on a horizontal surface to prevent water from getting into the base of the handle, which can dry out the glue.

If not properly looked after, you will most likely have to buy a new kit after each use. However, proper care of your brushes will ensure maximum durability. You will be able to use your face paint brush set for years.

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