How to choose a face painting kit on Amazon?

Are you looking to purchase a face painting set on Amazon? In this article, we will tell you what to look for in order to make the right choice.



Safety comes first. It is in your best interest to buy skin-safe paints.

Make sure the seller on Amazon face painting kit has a quality certificate. It may look different in different countries. In the USA, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) must approve paints.

If the seller drops the quality certificate, then it is better to refuse the purchase. Poor-quality paints may contain harmful or even prohibited components that are harmful to health. In addition, such paints can cause allergies.


Make sure you are buying a genuine product and not a fake. Counterfeit products disguised as well-known brands can be found in stores today.

Ask where the brand’s production facilities are located and compare with the data indicated on the package. If the factory is located in Germany, and the packaging says that the paint is made in China, this is a reason to doubt the authenticity of the product.

Trust only original paints.


A low price is usually an indicator of poor quality. A good quality face painting set on Amazon cannot come cheap.

As a rule, cheap paints are either difficult to shade, or they are faded, or they do not resist moisture well … In general, good is not cheap. And besides, sometimes they try to sell counterfeit goods for a low price.

Number of colors in a set

Before buying paints, decide what exactly you plan to paint. There is no need to purchase an expensive set of 100,500 flowers if you are going to paint only pumpkins for Halloween (and four colors are enough for a pumpkin).

If you’re new to face painting, don’t buy kits with lots of colors “just in case.” Learn to create simple drawings with a minimum of colors first. And postpone the purchase of a large contractual set until the time when you are able to create any drawings.

Glitter gel

Glitter gel is a very specific substance. It will be difficult for an inexperienced face makeup artist to apply it so as not to smudge the already created drawing.

If you are not confident in your abilities and skills, you should not spend extra money to have such a gel in the kit. If necessary, you can always buy it separately.

Stencils in the set

Stencils are extremely useful. They are especially useful for beginners who are just starting out with face painting. With stencils, you can create great designs with a minimum of effort. Therefore, the more stencils in the set, the better.

However, keep in mind that the more stencils, the more expensive on Amazon a face painting kit will cost. If you really want to save money, you can make stencils yourself. Search the Internet for blanks and instructions on how to make a stencil with your own hands.

The presence in the set of brushes

In order to apply face painting to the skin, ordinary paintbrushes will not work for you at all. This requires special brushes. Make sure these are included in the kit. If not, then you will have to buy them yourself.

If you are a beginner face-painting artist, you do not need many brushes. Learn to use two or three basic ones to get started. As you improve your skills, you yourself will understand which ones you should buy.

Availability in retainers

A fixer is a spray or powder that is applied to the finished drawing so that the paint does not smudge when touched and does not spread over the face due to sweat.

Face masters do not use retainers too often, especially when it comes to face painting for children. As a rule, they are used in cases where it is necessary to preserve the drawing for a long time. They are also used when it is assumed the possibility of physical activity (for example, dancing), as a result of which excess sweat appears on the skin. Moreover, because of sweat, as you know, paint usually spreads over the face.

If there is no retainer in the set, you can always buy it separately if necessary.

Availability in instructions

If you are going to do face painting for the first time, you may need instructions on how to use paints correctly. In particular, how to activate the paint, how to store it, how to care for the brushes, and so on.

Of course, all this information can be found on the Internet, but it would be better if the kit contains detailed instructions. Oddly, enough, but very many buyers have no idea that after use, the paint needs to be closed, and the brushes should be washed. You can read these and other useful tips in the instructions.


We hope you found our tips helpful and you now know how to choose the right face painting kit on Amazon. In the following articles, we will show you how to choose the right brush kit.

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