How to use sunset face paint?

In this article, we will talk about how to paint a sunset beautifully and efficiently. Let us discuss building a balanced and eye-catching design, and suggest some sunset face painting ideas. 7 secrets of sunset face makeup In this article, I will share with you my professional tricks on how to draw a sunset on […]

How to choose the best metallic face paint?

Are you looking for a metallic face painting? There are many varieties of face paints on the market today. How they differ and how to choose the most suitable one – we will deal with this. Glycerin paints Glycerin is a liquid of plant or animal origin. Vegetable glycerin is used in face paints. It […]

How to choose the best setting powder for face paint?

A jar of transparent loose powder from professional makeup artist sets remains a mystery for many: not all girls know why aqua make-up artists cannot do without it. In this material – more about the useful functions of transparent face powder, about the variety of formats in which it is produced, as well as about […]

Neon face paint near me

Ultraviolet (neon, UV light) make-up is rightfully called the brightest color for lovers of nightclubs, clockwork discos, go-go, shows, parties, concerts, performances, photo shoots and photo projectors. This is a catchy embodiment of non-standard ideas of visage and body painting with the help of special luminous cosmetics, which contain neon pigment. The best manufacturers of […]

How to choose the best setting spray for face paint?

You can find a professional setting spray for face paint in the make-up section. Their main task is to fix the makeup for a long time (up to 12, and sometimes up to 16 hours), but there are additional functions, taking into account which you can choose the best option for yourself. How does face […]

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